The core of my career is writing. In the last ten years, I’ve published as a journalist, a copywriter, a marketing manager, an editor, and a script writer.

Below, you’ll find articles I’ve written on tech, society, and mindfulness. They’re areas where I have particular expertise and opinions. Many of them, you’ll find cover Asia and Vietnam, where I’ve focused much of my journalistic efforts.

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Daniel Broukhim: Building a Thriving Ecommerce Business

ExpertDojo: Investing in Startups from LA to the World

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Events and Weather in LA


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How Chinese And American Companies Are Turning Southeast Asia Into A ‘Games Of Thrones’

Alibaba And Amazon Are In An E-Commerce Cold War For Asia, And Stakes Are High

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Notable Vietnamese Academics

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Tech In Asia

There’s too much groupthink in the tech ecosystem

Asia’s changed, and going big is the only option

Why Vietnam is proud of Flappy Bird

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5 of America’s biggest tech companies wouldn’t survive without Asia

Learn from South Korea: its gaming market is just $600M less than China’s and double Japan’s


Singapore, the lungs of Southeast Asia

How Germans, Americans, and Vietnamese act in the cinema

The Birthday Book (2016) – In 2016, I got the honor of writing a passage for Singapore’s Birthday Book, which commemorates the thinking, emotional tapestries, and experiences of being Singaporean in 2016.


Below you’ll find the biggest copy writing projects that I’ve worked on in the last few years. I took a leading role in all of these projects, doing the writing myself, working with other writers, and editing the content.

Vertex Ventures




Indochina Tourist & Trade