Hi! My name is Minh Do.

I’m a cofounder and product chief at a storytelling platform (stealth).

I also do audio productions in my free time, to soothe my quarantined soul.

In the past, I studied Zen Buddhism in university, attempted to be a monk, let that go, and then moved to Asia for 14 years. In my years in Vietnam to Singapore, I was lucky enough to be a teacher, musician, journalist, editor, product leader and eventually worked in venture capital.

Current Projects:

  • Startup focused on Storytelling (stealth)
  • Audio production of Star Trek TNG’s The Inner Light on Clubhouse
  • Daily sits and retreats in the Meditation Room on Clubhouse
  • Audio content festival on Clubhouse for AAPI Heritage Month in May
  • The Clony Awards – Feature, promoting and Celebrating Clubhouse Shows and Audio Dramas