Since I was a baby, my parents kept philanthropic work at the core of their lives. They cofounded or took part in the formation of organizations that helped people across a wide spectrum, especially in Vietnam. Below is a list of the organizations they’ve worked on. I’ve had the privilege of being able to work with them on some of the projects these organizations run.

VNHELP – An acronym for “Viet Nam Health Education Literature Projects”, the organization is dedicated to providing humanitarian and development assistance to Vietnam. They focus on individual and community building by tackling the key education and health needs of Vietnam’s poor.

Nom Foundation – My father was an engineer and typographer and worked tirelessly to preserve Vietnam’s medieval script. This foundation was created to research, restore, and preserve this script for the understanding of Vietnamese culture.

Pacific Links – Pacific Links Foundation leads counter-trafficking efforts at the frontiers of Vietnam by increasing access to education, providing shelter and reintegration services, and enabling economic opportunities. Cool fact: I came up with the name! 🙂

VA-NGO – The VANGO Network has four interconnected primary goals aiming to improve the collective ability of nonprofits to assist the people of Vietnam through engaging their stakeholders.