As the son of a typographer, mathematician, and engineer, I’ve had the privilege of working on technical and design projects from a young age. I love to work on products and I’ve had the privilege to work on many. Below are four projects that I’m particularly proud of.


Starthub was a social communication platform and online database that I project managed and lead product development on along with five other of my engineering friends. We ended up selling this project to an investor two years later after launch, which they used for internal use.

Techlist at Tech In Asia

I worked at Tech In Asia from the moment it was 10 people until it was over 150 people, a profound transformation in a startup’s journey. During that period, we worked on a series of new projects including a magazine, a community content platform, and a comprehensive database of all the companies in Asia.

Investor Communication Platform

I worked at a global investment firm after my work in Starthub and Tech In Asia. The firm needed to communicate a large amount of real time confidential information concerning news updates, investment deals, company information, data, and network contacts in order to stay on top of the industry. We designed this tool to be the conduit of all this information. I designed the parameters and product criteria.

Indochina Tourist & Trade

I worked as the marketing manager of this up-and-coming travel company and managed and executed the creation of its marketing materials, written content, redesign, website design, and photography. This was in the early days of my content and design work. Within this website, we implemented a sophisticated travel booking system.