Since July, I’ve had the luck and privilege to join multiple social audio apps, Clubhouse being the most prominent and the pioneer in the category they popularized. From day one, I was sold on the app and am convinced that social audio is here to stay.

Below you’ll find some of the clubs that I run on the app throughout the week. Each one is an experiment in audio content.

Meditation Room – Sound Spas every night PST & Daily 10 min sits at 5pm PST

This is a budding community, focused on supporting beginning and intermediate meditators who want to grow a consistent practice and interact with senior teachers and researchers. Our core moderators are interested in evolving this space to cater to more timezones, deeper interests, and more structured programming. Check out our website for schedule and new plans:

Philosophy Club – Tuesdays at 3:30pm

I have the honor of running this with Lauren Perry, Catherine Connors, and Maceo Paisley. Friends that I met on the app and have consistently been doing Philosophy club every week since August 4th. Lately, we’re open to expanding outside of our Tuesday time slot to do other programming with other moderators.

Backstage Access – Fridays

With the large influx of theatrical shows or live audio dramas on Clubhouse, an amazing group of producers and I got together to put on Backstage Access, a weekly show which covers the up-and-coming shows on Clubhouse. B Rainey, Chichi, and Tyra are creative forces in the theater community. Check the link for all the upcoming shows!

Movie Club – Thursdays at 7pm PST

It’s like a book club, but for movies. Vinayak Ranade and I have focused on discussing favorite movies from our growing movie loving community. This has included classics like Rashomon to the latest release films like Tenet. We dig deep into themes, structure, film craft, and generally what we love about these films.

Inside Asia

Started to bring Asian content to a very American and European population on Clubhouse in 2020, Inside Asia focuses on conversations that intersect with geopolitics, economics, sociology, technology, and culture.

Intergalactic Pub Crawl

This semi-weekly club discusses science fiction, sometimes it’s the latest episode of a TV show, sometimes it’s the philosophy of time travel. It’s open ended, fun, probing, and always provocative.


An enclave, collective, community of romantics who love to bring people together in the name of friendship, sex-positivity, LGBTQ+ culture, and love. We hold activities every week ranging from matchmaking to sex culture to audio games.

Clubs I love to help:

I also love to help out others in their work to create new projects, clubs, and rooms, bring new compelling content to Clubhouse, and support the evolution of these clubs and room formats.

Lion King Musical – One day, I stumbled into the Lion King auditions and tried out for Timon, two months later, we broke the app twice over, got featured in TMZ and tons of other media, and were the face that sailed a thousand ships. Today, Clubhouse is full of theater productions, from Broadway to plays to films, and it all started with #TheLionKingCH

Crazy Good Fun – An amazing collective of comedians, improvisers, writers, and more who love to experiment with live audio content.

WE’LL DO IT LIVE!Once Upon A Clubhouse – My friend Marlena Rodriguez wrote and directed this play and my friend Nicole Broadway and I produced it! Along with new and old friends along the way, we did a thing! We put on the first original play about Clubhouse on Clubhouse. Oh yeah, and we got featured in the LA Times!

Other Social Audio Apps

Clubhouse is not the only player in the game of social audio. And that’s what makes this space really exciting. My favorites include Twitter Spaces, Sonar, and LiZhi, and you can read more about the whole space here, at my friend Jeremiah Owyang’s blog.