Sample Scripts!

Therapy for the Masses

An alien species goes from planet to planet, giving therapy to entire populations. Finally, this species makes it to earth. What happens after every human on Earth gets therapy?

Jimmy’s Telescope

Jimmy finds a telescope on his grandfather’s attic. It’s pointed at a planet millions of light-years away. And shows the activities in that other world to Jimmy, inspiring in arts and architecture, shaping his childhood and his career. 


In the far future, earth develops a way to access the Infinet. Installed on the universe shortly after the Big Bang by a race of beings long dead but recorded for all time, the Infinet is only accessible to civilizations that advance to that level of technology that can even see the Infinet. Trillions of beings across the universe contact each other and read about each other in this digital library that spans from one edge of the vastnesses to the other edge. It’s a graveyard for dead civilizations. But also the only way earth humans can talk to civilizations they can never reach in the span of their race’s life. 

Peas All The Way Down: Chapter 1

K-xandra’s first memory was of her father shrinking himself to half his size and back to normal. That was the first time she saw it. By the end of the month, he’d shrunk everything in the house. Within the next few years, Tolios, the Nanoscientist, was shrinking cities. By the time K-xandra turned 18, officials around the world were debating whether or not to shrink the entire planet. Imagine the sight then, when K-xandra, at 80, sitting in a wheelchair, in space, watching as her family’s scientists shrunk the entire planet into size of a pea. A tear rolled down her cheek. 

Time Zoo: Exhibit A5

“My favorite exhibit in the Time Zoo is A5. It’s one of the first exhibits to open in the zoo and it showcased a whole new approach to time and people. But I loved it because it never felt repetitive. Every month my parents would take me, and I’d rush to that exhibit to see what would change for the people in the Exhibit after ten of their years.”