This is a sample of my writing work across a range of platforms and genre. You’ll find my journalistic work to range into a number of topics:

  • Technology Industry: Forbes, ChannelNewsAsia, Tech In Asia
  • Culture & Society: Vietcetera, Lion’s Roar

My fictional work is new, with only two works published, but it will become readily apparent that science fiction is my genre of choice.

Journalistic Works:


How Chinese And American Companies Are Turning Southeast Asia Into A ‘Games Of Thrones’ – A light look into how tech has come to influence the business climate of Southeast Asia.

Alibaba And Amazon Are In An E-Commerce Cold War For Asia, And Stakes Are High – An enquiry into Alibaba’s early push into greater Asia and what that means for Amazon.


Commentary: Beware the seducing calls of Vietnam’s start-up sirens – An almost too honest look into Vietnam’s startup scene and the hype.

Tech In Asia:

Asia, Give Up On The Dream Of Being Silicon Valley – A blunt take on Asia’s obsession with becoming like Silicon Valley.

The one lesson every Southeast Asian company should learn from Didi Dache and Kuaidi Dache – A serious look at what makes the Didi deal so important for the rest of Asia.

Silicon Valley spends money on people, Asia spends it on marketing – A peek at how the technology cultures in America and Asia influence how they spend their money.


The Pain of Coming Back To Vietnam – A popular article that gets at what many Vietnamese students feel as they look back home.

Cao Thien Trang: What This Vietnamese Model Dreams Of When She Sleeps – A peek into my interview skills as I talk to one of Vietnam’s leading models.

The Steady Modernization Of Vietnamese Brands – The central thesis of Vietcetera, a media company founded on the insight that Vietnam is modernizing quickly.

Lion’s Roar:

A Beginner’s Mind for Business – Worked closely with the editor to take a peek at the trendy use of Buddhist language in the technology business.

Communications Work:

Below you’ll find the communications, branding, and content footage I’ve done for investors and companies.

I directed, produced, and assisted the filmographer to produce a series of videos with our investee companies. This one, with Taranis, an Israeli agriculture technology, features their technology and journey in a nutshell.
I directed, produced, and interviewed all of the senior partners in our global venture capital firm, featuring their thoughts on the evolving tech industry. Each segment lasting one to two minutes and shared across all of our social media channels.

Fictional Work:

Time Simulation Screenplay Script for Short film (work in progress) – A quick 5-minute film that explores the character’s desperation with turning back time.

Boxes to Infinity short form comic published on Manga Rock – An abstract world that is a metaphor for the feeling of being trapped in ideas and worlds.

Entropy, Humanity, and a Journey Through Time published in The Birthday Book – An exploration of where civilization will lead us towards what end.